Attack on Pearl Harbour & Declaration of War Against Japan

Posted in: World War II
Written on 22nd November 2013 14:03pm

On the morning of 7 December 1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbour, which led to the United States entry into World War II.

The attacks aim was to prevent the US Pacific Fleet interfering with the planned Japanese attacks on the Allies in Southeast Asia. The United States had not taken any military action prior to the attacks.


AT 7:48 am Hawaiian Time, the attack on Pearl Harbour commenced whilst negotiations between the US and Japanese government were apparently ongoing.


The base was attcked by 353 Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes.


In total, 2402 Americans were killed with a further 1282 wounded.


The following day, on 8 December 1941, led by President Roosevelt, the US entered the Second World War.

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