Dead Man's Corner Museum

Posted in: World War II
Written on 23rd June 2011 10:34am
House at Dead Man's Corner

The Museum at "Dead Man's Corner", a single house on the historic intersection between Carentan and Saint-Côme-du-Mont...

The name comes from an incident that took place at the intersection, an American Tank was struck by an armour piercing shell killing the crew, leaving the commander's corpse hanging out of the turret. It was first referred to as "the corner with the dead guy in the tank", but was shortened it to "Dead Man's Corner".


The museum which opened on D-Day in 2005 was used as headquarters for Von der Heydte who was the commander of the 6th German Parachute Regiment, and was later used as a first aid post for Allied troops when German forces were forced to pull back.


Many of the personal effects of the troops who used this house are on display and the museum also sells genuine military artefects and memorabilia.


Click here to find out more information about a D-Day Battlefields Tour.

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