Battle of the Bulge 64 Year Anniversary

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Written on 15th December 2010 16:35pm

Also known as the battle of the Ardennes. It is the largest battle fought by the Americans in World War II lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945...

64 Years ago Germany tried its final great offensive of World War II. 


A strong German force, broke the thinly held American front in the Belgian Ardennes sector. Taking advantage of the foggy weather and of the total surprise of the Allies, the Germans penetrated deep into Belgium, creating a dent, or "bulge," in the Allied lines and threatened to seize Antwerp.


Due to the weather U.S. forces were unable to take out an air attack against German forces until the weather cleared on 23 December. 


By mid January 1945 the German front began to weaken and fall back. German supplies were beginning to dwindle, and with no way to restock, entire mobile divisions were simply abandoned when fuel and ammunition ran out. Victory for the Allies was assured.


The battle officially ended in late January when the Ardennes were claimed back by the allied forces. The Americans lost 81,000 men while the Germans lost 100,000 killed, wounded and captured.


To show your respect in person for those who fell in combat you can go to the battlefields on a Battlefield Guided Tour.

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