WW1 Ended on Monday 95 Years Ago

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Written on 11th November 2013 19:24pm

99 Years ago world was already covered by black clouds of war. Battle of Tannenberg on the East Front and The First Battle of Ypres on the West were finished and the tall of death was rising fast.

However at the time no one expected these dark days will last for another 4 years.

By the time "Le Wagon de l'Armistice" in Compiegne witnessed signatures from both sides of the conflict to end all military operations on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month over 16 mln people perished. Including 9.5 mln on allied side. On the top of this death tall there was 20mln wounded. Great War as it was called was the first full scale modern conflict in world's history. All types of newly invented weapons and new types of forces were used:

  • Air Force (including Zeppelins and Aeroplanes)
  • Sub-marine Forces (including U-boats)
  • Armoured Off Terrain Forces (including Tanks)
  • Chemical Weapons (including Mustard Gas)

These changed warfare for good. This was also the first conflict to see dedicated terror attacks on civilians from air, sea and from the ground.

Unfortunately world was yet to see more and more civilians to die.

To commemorate people who lived and fought in this terrible time we visit graves and monuments of the past during weekend battlefield tours organised by Back-Roads Tours

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