How World War I Affected Canada

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Written by Aaron Michaels on 29th January 2013 at 12:26pm
How World War I Affected Canada

The Canada influence on World War I should never be underestimated, nor should the wars affect on the country's history.

Canada, along with the other Dominions of the Commonwealth, joined the First World War when the United Kingdom declared war on Germany and its allies. Prime Minister Robert Borden offered Canadian assistance to Britain, which was quickly accepted.


The support to Britain's war effort was not shared by all in Canada. Deep rifts between French-Canadians and English-Canadians opened- and many remain today.


For the first ever time, Canadians fought as a distinct unit under Canadian-born command.


Battles such as Vimy Ridge, Second Battle of Passchendaele and the Battle of Somme are significant to Canadas heritage and identity.


In total Canadian suffered 67,000 deaths and 173,000 wounded troops during the war.

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