ANZAC Day - The Australian War Memorial

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Written by Aaron Jones on 12th November 2013 at 10:15am
ANZAC Day - The Australian War Memorial

ANZAC Day is fast approaching- the 25th April is around only four weeks away. As with every year, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders with cross land and sea to pay their respects to the ANZAC troops in various different locations around Europe.   

There are many war memorial services taking part on 25th April, which commemorate the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in The First World War.


A battle which is commemorated throughout the world is the unsuccessful campaign in Gallipoli undertaken by the Allies and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps- in which 8709 Australians and 2271 New Zealanders lost their life.


Another is the Villers-Bretonneux battle of 24th and 25th April 1918. Australian and Commonwealth troops liberated the town. In this town there is a major memorial, which many Australian's believe it is a right of passage to visit atleast once- The Australian War Memorial.


The Australian War Memorial is visited by thousands of Australians on 25th April who pay their respects to their fellow countrymen. In front of the memorial lay the graves of 770 Australian soldiers and since 2008 a special ANZAC Day dawn service has taken place.


You can pay your respects on ANZAC Day to the fallen soldiers with Battlefields By Backroads.

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